New Single from Citrine Metaphor for Asylum Themed Haunts

Lunacy (With Vocals) starring: Barry Wray Johnson, Chris B, Mystikka Jade, & more! Unnerve audiences by using this track in asylum-themed haunted attractions with crazed doctors and violent patients.

To purchase this track for use in your Haunted Attraction, installation or other visual project, please visit:

New Haunted Attraction Accompaniment Album Release from Citrine Metaphor

New Album Released Today!

Citrine Metaphor invites you on an auditory trip through fright-inducing locations including a: mysterious swampland, dark carnival, abandoned asylum, post-apocalyptic biohazard zone, and more in a collection of seamlessly loopable, theatrical-paranormal soundscapes.

“Beyond the House” follows 2016’s “House of Hexes” as the second compilation of Haunted Attraction Accompaniment by Citrine Metaphor. Both volumes feature elements from both classical and modern horror. Tracks were created for use in a diverse selection of Halloween attractions including walkthroughs, exhibitions, and other visual media.

Purchase of any tracks or albums from Citrine Metaphor includes a non-exclusive commercial license allowing for use in the purchaser’s visual media and events. 

Summer 2017 Update

Citrine Metaphor is hard at work finishing up the last tracks of their second album which will be released in July in time for the 2017 haunt season. For more updates on Citrine Metaphor, visit CitrineMetaphor.Com

Listen to some samples from the soon-to-be released collection of haunted attraction accompaniment tracks:

Boardwalk of Doom

"Boardwalk of Doom" Music Video

from Citrine Metaphor

Introducing our newest track and music video for the 2017 Halloween haunt season. "Boardwalk of Doom" was created as accompaniment for circus and carnival themed haunted attractions. The full loopable version of this track will be available on our website CitrineMetaphor.Com this summer.

Codependent Expectations Day - Anti Valentine's Day Cards

Presenting "Codependent Expectations Day" Anti-Valentine's Day cards!  They are available now in our shop:*

Image Titles:

Electric Infatuation
Vivid Ideals
Fairytale Tree
Lush Daydreams
Energy Succ
Whispering Fantasies
Rose of Intrigue


"Let's just call it what it really is...
Happy Codependent Expectations Day!"

Teddy's Candy Cake

LitWave is working on a series of stories, each one of them linking together. Stay tuned for more information and our first book release coming in 2017!

Check out our video to see what becomes of Teddy’s magical rainbow candy cake!

Teddy: Chip Tanner
Photography: Payg Harmony
Editing: Mystikka Jade
Photography Assistant: Jared Conaway

Chris Birkett's Haunted Graveyard

We had a great time talking to Chris Birkett as he showed us around the construction of his 31st annual haunted attraction, Haunted Graveyard Arizona. We hope you enjoy the mini-documentary we put together providing a behind the scenes tour of the event!

To learn more: